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bimsync® by Catenda makes it easy to collaborate between all stakeholders in construction projects with an easy to use interface, powerful visualisations, issue management and secure digital data management. Projects becomes easier to run - you reduce risk, increase value and build better together. bimsync® by Catenda is the next generation cloud based platform where construction information comes alive.

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bimsync collaboration tool

Share and collaborate on BIM, in any browser

Share, visualize and collaborate on BIM models, issues, documents and drawings in your browser. No plugins or installation needed.

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Bring your BIM data into other tools and webpages

Integrate 2D and 3D viewers in your own tools with a few lines of code, and access all of your BIM data through our intuitive APIs.

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Built on open standards

bimsync stands on the shoulders of the buildingSMART standards

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bimsync reads and writes IFC2x3 in the IFC, ifcXML and ifcZIP formats. IFC4 support is coming soon.

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We know bSDD like our own pockets. Support for bSDD is built into all of our tools.

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Read and write BCF files on the 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 formats or using standardized BCF API.

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You can now export your models to the COBIe spreadsheet format.

Our promise

We believe in openness as a way of working with our products, clients and for the tools and formats we are using for our daily work. When you work with us or use our products you shall feel confident that your data is safe and stored 100% according to open standards. We don’t believe in vendor lock-in. Your data is your’s and you choose to stay with us because you believe we offer the best solution. If you change your mind you can take all of your data to any other buildingSMART compliant competitor.

That’s our promise!

bimsync is about ...

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Powerful visualizations

Visualization of information is a core feature of bimsync. Combine our high performance 3D viewer with auto generated 2D floor plans to get a full overview of all of the models in your project.

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Collaborating on issues

Add, import, organize and collaborate on issues. We support all of the BCF versions as well as the BCF API.

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Useful dashboards and stats

Get a quick overview of the latest updates and changes as well as key performance indicators for your project.

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Sharing information

Share models, drawings and documents with other project members. We keep track of revisions and changes.

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Model centric information handling

We believe the best possible structure for the documents and drawings in a project is the BIM itself. Attach documents, issues, classifications and product information directly to the BIM objects.

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Connecting your BIM to external information

Extend your projects with libraries. Libraries let you link BIM objects to external sources. For example documents in Dropbox, products in CoBuilder or links to any website.

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Notifications and updates

Select what you want to be notified about and follow the project online, by emails or direct notifications sent to Slack.

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Unlimited members and teams

 Invite anyone you like into your projects. All they need is access to a browser.

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Intuitive APIs and toolkits

Embed 3D or 2D viewers in websites or other software and get access to all of your BIM data through our APIs. bimsync is among the first to offer access to issues through the standardized buildingSMART BCF API.