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Your BIM in a browser

Share and collaborate on your BIM models right in your browser. No plugins required.

Get your project online in minutes

View, validate, enrich and analyze your BIM projects in your browser. Connect with your partners and external sources of information. No plugins required.



bimsync enables secure storage and easy distribute of open BIM files in a cloud service. You get complete revision control and an intuitive 3D visualization in your browser. There is no need to install any software.



bimsync gives you automatic merging of domain models to one open BIM file. This gives the project powerful visual communication across domains and improves the quality assurance. Everyone can access any domain model at any time.



We are 100% committed to open international standards. This means that you can extract all your data, at any time. bimsync is here to add value, not to lock you in.

Features of bimsync

Simplicity and usability are key factors when designing bimsync. We want to make BIM information available for everyone in the project without the need of extensive software knowledge. Anyone with a browser can participate.

Visualize your BIM

Organize your project in any number of sub-models. Upload IFC files and have them visualized separately or as a complete project. Share any view of your model as simple as sending an URL.

Always updated

Keep track of revisions, imports and exports in one intuitive interface. Exports can be private only for you or shared with everyone in the team.

Fast secure sharing of your files

Prepare exports for private use or shared with the whole project team. All files are sent using using 256 bit SSL file encryption.

Take snapshots

Capture issues and hook them on the objects they belong to. Send issues to other parties as URLs that will bring the receive to the exact same view in the 3D model.

Know the history

We capture issues with the affected objects so we can inform you whenever there is a old issue related to what you are working on now. All is captured in the underlying BIM store and can be exported.

Get the complete overview

Follow what's happening on your project on the project dashboard, issue dashboard or notification view. View it on any computer, tablet or phone.

Get notified

Whenever something happens of relevance for you, you will be notified in the GUI and by email. All notifications are also available in the notification log.

Feel free to leave when you like

We don't lock you in. We do our outer most to store all information you establish in the BIM model itself. You are free to take your BIM and leave whenever you like.

Integrate in your software

Use our API to query BIM data or integrate parts of bimsync in your software or work-flow.

System requirements

  • Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Safari or Opera (or any other WebGL enabled browser)
  • Internet connection


  • Depending on project size
  • Monthly or yearly billing
  • Cancel any time
  • Unlimited number of users per project
  • Unlimited storage space
  • Support included by phone in office hours or by email 24/7

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